Monday, January 17, 2011

Incubomber - Where Bomb Ideas Come to Life

The Incubomber is a mini-incubator in my dorm room at MIT.

How does that work?
I lofted my bed, we shoved in two long tables that seat 5 people total, brought in 8 LCD screens for four people, and Colin works in 6th space: the closet. We threw up some posters, got a ton of canned food (entrepreneurship requires sacrifices - cheap food!), and invited a bunch of awesome people to stop by and hang out.

What do you do?
With 5 or 6 motivated people in the same room, work gets done. Crazy fast. And amazing ideas flow like people in Grand Central. At the moment, various people are programming on three different projects:

  • Anonymerit: anonymous posting of pieces of writing forces users to judge by content not authority.
  • Bookxor: rethinking how textbooks are produced, not just how they are distributed.
  • TunesList: a collaborative playlist for the Incubomber, though yall will shit your pants for this later.
So you just do software?
Nah, we like software, but we do some hardware stuff too. Ilya built an Arduino Twitter display to show our latest @Incubomber tweets. Erika and I are working on a heart rate sensing bracelet that connects via bluetooth to your smartphone. Tons of cool applications. what do you think? We love to hear new ideas.

Cool, can I check this out?
Hell yeah, shoot us an email at and we'll navigate you towards the Bat Cave. If you like what you see, come back again. And again. It is a tight space, so if you're super pumped about this, we encourage you to put together a mini-incubator of your own.

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